Observatory General Data

Savelli 50-cm telescope
Lat. 39° 18’ 52.11’’
Long. 16° 45’ 04.51’’
Alt. 1172 m

Il telescopio riceve gli alert via GCN ed è in grado di effettuare osservazioni secondo una schedula prefissata. La strategia per il follow-up di candidati GW è da mettere a punto.

Persona di riferimento: Antonino Brosio –
Sito web:

Dome: 5 meters diameter with 1,50 meters opening
Principal Telescope: Ritchey – Chretien 500 mm, focal length 4000 f/8
Mount: robust fork mounted with ultra-accurate stepper motors
CCD: Finger Lakes ProLine 1001
Filters: Sloan u’, g’, r’, i’ (+ Astrodon LRGB and Johnson-Cousins R Photometric)
Guide Telescope: acromatic refractor 127 mm, focal length 1200 f/9,4
Guide CCD: Atik 16 IC
Software: OmegaLab Ricerca Software made by Salvatore Massaro
Automated Telescope: Possible, with ATN Software
Dark, Flat and Bias: possible, with automated shoot and data reduction
Field of View: 21.1 x 21.1 arcmin
Resolution: 1.24 arcsec/pix
FoV of Guide Telescope: 14 x 11 arcmin
G.T. Resolution: 1.27 arcsec/pix
CCD Magnitude Limit (no filter)
Without Moon: ∼ 21.10
With Full Moon: ∼ 18.60

Telescope Datasheet

Focal Length: 4000mm
Aperture: 500mm 1/10λ
Focal Ratio: f/8
Mirror Coatings: aluminum with SiO overcoat, 97% reflective
Minor Axis of Secondary Mirror: 1115mm
Tube Length: 1524mm (60″)
Tube Outer Diameter: 564mm
Sensor: ON Semi KAF-1001E
Pixels: 1024 x 1024
Pixel Size: 24 μm
Well Capacity: 500,000 e-
Sensor Diagonal: 34.8 mm
Video Size (inch): 2.2
Anti Blooming: None
Color Options: Monochrome
CCD Type: Front Illuminated
CCD Grades: 1, 2
PL1001 Performance
Digitization Speed: 1 MHz, 3.3 MHz
Typical System Noise: 9 e- RMS @ 1 MHz
Typical Maximum Cooling: 60ºC Below Ambient
Typical Dark Current: < 1% ( < 0.2 e-/pixel/sec @ -45°C )
Available Shutters: 63.5 mm
Sensitivity tested: up to 60.000 ADU

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