Image Difference Pipeline

The Image Difference Template is a python package aimed at:

  • producing image differences for a sequence of observations of a given areas (covered by one or many pointings)
  • producing catalog of variable/transient sources
  • selecting/showing the interesting source based of ranking criteria / machine learning algorithm

It expects in inputs calibrated images with specific naming scheme, fits descriptors and complementary flag images for bad pixels. As template can use a VST image or can download and use PanStarrs / DES archive images if available.

The current version in grawitown require a properly set conda environment (c.f. user gwpadova).

The code is initialised typing:

source /home/gwpadova/scripts/gw/dev/gw.bash

This gives also a list of the available commands (adding -h to a command give a brief description of the parameter choices).

The standard reduction sequence requires: gw_init, gw_template, gw_search, gw_look

I almost completed (but not fully tested) to a new version that can deal with data from different telescopes besides VST (in particular the Italian Schmidt telescopes). This version is installed as conda package.

When completed I’ll install in grawitown and hopefully write a brief tutorial.

The Image Difference Pipeline is provided by E. Cappellaro.



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